LR2000IR Ultra Long Range laser infrared camera PTZ

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24/7 Day/Night Surveillance

The LR2000IR is designed by Allwan Security specifically for critical infrastructure and perimeter protection.  The sensor payload enables the LR2000IR to provide images in virtually any environment from heavy fog to complete darkness.

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Visible Optical Zoom Camera

The high-resolution visible camera provides superior clarity over thermal imaging and yields high detail to identify threats and trespassers even in complete darkness.

The LR2000IR Series PTZ boasts a 1/2” high-resolution visible camera that renders superb detail color images by day and clean, crisp monochrome images at night. This camera has a powerful 33-2000mm motorized zoom lens for FOV’s ranging from 22° to 0.18° degrees and zoom ratio of 60X. The window is made out of 5mm optically pure flat
tempered glass with AR coating to eliminate distortion and blurring that normally occurs, further enhancing the
image clarity even when zoomed in. The OSD and coaxial controls allow you to configure the BLC, HLC, DIS, 3DNR,
DIS privacy zones, and virtually every aspect of the camera to be optimized on site for unparalleled performance.

Pan-Tilt Resolver
The heavy-duty PTZ driver is designed
for extreme performance in
the most demanding applications.
It implements brushless motor technology
for endless 360° panning and
Micro-Step technology for precise
(0.01°) pan and tilt positioning. Advanced
features, such as preset and
auto-cruise, will complement almost
any existing equipment by means of
Pelco-D protocols.

Remote Connectivity

View all of your cameras and control them through the internet in real-time from anywhere in the world using As Remote Management Software on your laptop, iPhone, or Android device. Internet is often limited to low bandwidth satellites which is why our DVRs and IP cameras can record at one resolution, stream at another, and have integrated VBR and CBR to manage the amount of data and bandwidth used by each camera individually to ensure smooth operation on any network.


* Military/Defense
* Government
* Marine/Navy/Coast Guard
* Law Enforcement
* Perimeter Security
* Critical Infrastructure Monitoring
* 24/7 Situational Awareness
* Long-Range Threat Detection and Identification

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