TRM-410S / 810S - 4CH / 8CH Mobile Network Video Recorder

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TRM-410S / 810S - New Embedded Compact NVRs Supported 4 and 8 way
Max recording of 50Mbps / 80Mbps
2 SATA (exchange before)
2 TB Max (hard disk, non-RAID mode)
4 TB Max (SSD, non-RAID mode)
RAID 1 Support (TRM-810S)
Camera recording (SUNAPI) / ONVIF
Supported MJPEG codec H.265, H.265

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The new NVRs TRM-410S and TRM-810S have been designed to be at the heart of embedded video surveillance solutions, resistant to vibrations. These network recorders meet the EN-50155, EN-50121 and EN-61373 standards and incorporate two-way audio communication. They are thus particularly suitable for use on board buses and trains. These NVRs, which support H.265, H.264 and MJPEG compression, support 4 TB for video data storage, while the TRM-810S can operate in RAID mode. They integrate a Power over Ethernet switch (PoE and PoE +).

Inputs: TRM-410S Max. 4ch (4 PoE, RJ-45)
Inputs: TRM-810S: Max. 8ch (8 PoE, RJ-45)
Resolution: CIF ~ 8MP
Protocols: Wisenet (SUNAPI), ONVIF
Local display: HDMI / VGA
Multi-channel display: TRM-410S [Local Monitor] 1 / 2H / 2V / 3V / 4 / Automatic Sequence; [Web] 1/4 / Automatic Sequence
Multi-channel display: TRM-810S [Local Monitor] 1 / 2H / 2V / 3V / 4/6/8/9 / Auto Sequence, [Web] 1/4/9 / Auto Sequence
Performance: TRM-410S [Local Monitor] 8MP (60fps), 5MP (90fps), 3MP (120fps), 2MP (120fps), 720p (120fps), D1 (120fps)
Performance: TRM-810S [Local Monitor] 8MP (60fps), 5MP (90fps), 3MP (120fps), 2MP (240fps), 720p (240fps), D1 (240fps)
Dimension (W x H x D) 118 x 29.2 x 70mm (4.64 "x 1.15" x 2.75 ")

Embedded Linux
H.265 Compression, H.264, MJPEG, WiseStream (H.265, H.264)
TRM410S Bandwidth Recording: Max. 50 Mbps
TRM810S Bandwidth Recording: max. 80 Mbps
CIF ~ 8MP Resolution
Record type: annual, schedule (continuous / event), event (before / after)
Type of Retention: Retention by channel (1 ~ 400 days
Event Trigger: Alarm In (6), Video Loss, Camera Event (Sensor, MD, Video Analysis, Defocus) G-Sensor (3-Axis)
Event action: e-mail, alarm output, buzzer, monitor output
TRM-410S read bandwidth: 32 Mbps (4 channels simultaneously)
TRM-810S read bandwidth: 32 Mbps (8 channels simultaneously)
User: Max. 4 users (local 1, remote 3)
Mode: Date and Time (Calendar) / Event Log List / Smart Search
Simultaneous replay TRM-410S: Max. 4 channels (local monitor, CMS)
Simultaneous Replay TRM-810S: Max. 8ch (local monitor, CMS)
Resolution: CIF ~ 8MP
Fisheye Dewarping: Web / CMS
Playback Control: Forward / Fast Rewind / Slow, Fast Forward / Rewind
Built-in: 0TB ~ 4TB
Internal hard drive: 2 SATA (Front-Swap); 2 TB Max. (hard disk, non-RAID mode); 4 TB Max. (SSD, non-RAID mode)
File Backup: Exe (GUI), JPG / AVI (excluding GPS information) (Network)
TRM-401S function: Multi-channel playback (up to 4 channels), Date-time / Title / GPS display
TRM-801S function: Multi-channel playback (up to 8 channels), date / time / Title / GPS display
Type: Auto (Wi-Fi), Manual (HDD / SSD)
WiFi Performance Backup TRM-410S: max. 50 Mbps
WiFi Performance Backup TRM-810S: max. 80 Mbps
Sensor: I / O 6/4
Contribution TRM-410S: 4ch (network)
Contribution TRM-810S: 8ch (network)
Compression: G.711, G.726, AAC (16 / 48KHz)
Audio, Communication: bidirectional

Interface: RJ-45 (Gigabit Ethernet x1)
Protocol: TCP / IP, UDP / IP, RTP (UDP), RTP (TCP), RTSP, NTP, HTTP, DHCP (server, client), PPPoE, SMTP,
ICMP, IGMP, ARP, DNS, DDNS, UPNP, HTTPS, SNMP, ONVIF (Profile-S), SUNAPI (server, client)
Transmission Bandwidth: Wired (LA

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