Ultra Life - Spy Camera / Junction Box / PIR Sensor

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Ultra Life - Spy Camera with Remote. Audiovisual camera hidden in a junction box - 720P HD resolution. Running time 55 days
Recording up to 50 hours continuously. Angle of view of 130 °Motion detection, PIR
Use for indoor or outdoor.

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The Ultra Life Series is especially convenient for long-term monitoring devices. This module is equipped with a low PIR sensor that allows you to monitor places with low activity motions for a long time. The module is manually placed on the hidden PIR module, making it virtually unrecognizable from the actual PIR sensor.
Ultra life is an audiovisual camera hidden in a housing that can last 55 days in PIR mode and has a continuous recording capacity of 50 hours and a viewing angle of 130 degrees. This system can be used indoors or outdoors. You can place the junction box in an office or a garden etc
The hidden camera is very small and almost invisible. In addition, you will not need power cables, making it extremely unlikely any suspicion. The junction box offers the possibility of changing the battery.
This box comes with 720P HD resolution and is preset to record in HD. You are also provided with a remote control that can be used to adjust; video recording, PIR detection, taking pictures, etc.
SD card is not included. The device is very easy to install and use.

720P HD resolution
55 days in PIR detection and recording mode
50 hrs Continuous recording!
Angle of view of 130 °
Motion detection, PIR
Standby mode, manual recording mode
Snapshots via the remote control
Easy installation
Optional SD card
Battery capacity: 11000 mAh
Consumption in PIR mode: 7mA
Power consumption when recording: 200 - 250 mA

Accessories included
Ultra Life hidden camera in a junction box
Remote control
Video cable
11000 mAh battery

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