C3000 Plus - Portable Wireless Multi-Function Detector

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C3000 Plus - multifunction portable detector
Measure the frequency of any digital and analog signal. Detection of cameras, voice recorders and telephones. Extrasensory synchronous RF signal strength indicator. 1.8-bit LCD display. Built-in rechargeable lithium battery with large capacity. Wireless device, up to 3 hours of autonomy.

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C3000-Plus is a professional wireless detector.
Pocket device. It can monitor and identify all wireless networks.
This device remains effective, no matter where camouflage networks to detect (clothing, buttons, bags, cups, books, cement walls, ceilings, etc. ..)

C3000-Plus, can switch to cell phone signal test mode to search for the signal only via the multifunction key. another test mode is the broadband model capable of testing wireless signals from 0 to 10 GHz;
The 10-3000 MHz wireless signal can search the frequency recording mode. It can measure the frequency of all digital signals, switches and analog, such as mobile phone, wireless remote control, digital radio, car key, intercom, 1.2G / 2.4G wireless camera, wireless microphone, WIFI, WMAX.
Easy to use, LCD display.

C3000-Pro with built-in lithium battery.
Smart charging: (this system makes a better battery performance).
Design: Aircraft-grade aluminum enclosure provides high performance and durability of equipment.
The machine and accessories are integrated in military-grade carrying cases to protect the equipment.

Model: HS C300-Plus Transmission Detector
Set of 3 antennas
1.8 bit LCD screen
Multifunction navigation keys (optional operating mode)
Measure frequency of any type of digital or analog signal: (Digital signal - 10 KHz, Analog signal - 1 KHz)
Extrasensory synchronous RF signal strength indicator
Low power lithium battery up to 2 hours of battery life
High, medium and low battery LCD display
LED charge status indicator
Configured with full band antenna and charging adapter
Carry case, Peli protection.

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