Binocular thermal Vision monocular PULSAR HD 38 S

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Instant detection of any life form.
Efficacy day and night, even behind openwork plant obstacles. 388x284 resolution. Quantum gives the ability to adjust brightness andcontrast independently. Detection field 950 meters.
This binocular of vision, remains light and compact.

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he operating time of the appliance can be increased considerably thanks to the use of external power sources (e.g. Pulsar EPS3/EPS5).
When used in freezing time, the power supply can be stored under the clothes. The 30 Hz refresh rate gives a smooth and consistent image of moving objects. Modes of operation the Quantum S offers three modes of operation,each designed to offer the best possible image under specific observation conditions.
The modes are as follows:  "City " (Enhanced contrast), "forest" (low contrast), and  "Identification " (Better rendering of hot object details). Variable magnification.
Optical magnification is 2.1 x. The unit also has a 2x plus digital zoom.
Brightness and contrast controls the wheel next to the lens allows the user to adjust the brightness and contrast depending on the situation.
All Quantum models are equipped with Analog video output to allow the connection of an external recording device or a screen. Start-up time the QUANTUM has a very short start time (5-7 seconds). This is one of the best results of its category. High resolution detection field (384X288) provides detailed image and long range detection.
The body is reinforced plastic fiberglass. It is capable of effectively withstanding impacts, moisture and dust which allows units to be used in extreme conditions. The rubber coating ensures a safe grip of the appliance. Wide range of operating temperatures are effective for low temperature use (-20 °c) thanks to the frost-resistant OLED display (the image remains the same as when viewing at normal temperature).
The Quantum S Calibration offers three calibration modes: Silent ( "M "), Automatic ( "A ") and semi-automatic ( "H ") Manual modehe Quantum S Calibration offers three calibration modes: the silent ( "M "), Automatic ( "A ") and semi-automatic ( "H ") Manual mode. The mode  "A " calibrates the device automatically without the user's intervention (initiation process (shutter activation) is done automatically).
In the mode  "H ", the user decides by himself whether the calibration is necessary based on the quality of the image. "Cal" button is pressed in this mode.
The manual calibration ( "M ") is performed by pressing the button when the lens cap is closed. The mode  "M " is recommended for hunting because of fonctionnem ent noise.

Refresh Rate (HZ): 30 resolution (pixels): 384 x 288
Screen Type: OLED
Screen resolution: 640 x 480
Magnification: 2, 1x
Digital Zoom: 2x
Field of view: Horizontal x Vertical: 14.4 x 10.8
Diopter Adjustment: ± 5
Detection field: 950m
Power supply: 4x LR06/AA
Autonomy: 5, 5h
Operating temperature:-20 °c/+ 50 °c
Waterproof: Yes (IPX4)
Dimensions: 200 x 86 x 59mm
Weight: 350g
3 year Warranty

Accessories included:
1 QUANTUM HD38S Thermal monocular
1 transport cover
1 shoulder
1 video cable
1 cigar lighter
1 battery compartment
1 cleaning wipe

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