Helion XQ50F Thermal Camera

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Helion XQ50F- Thermal camera with flawless capture of still images and videos, integrated recorder. Variable magnification, up to 8x depending on the model. Comfortable vision with dynamic and fast movements. Standalone B-Pack power supply. Fast and detachable 5.2 A-h IPS5 rechargeable battery. Ergonomic remote control. IP67 waterproof protection.

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Helion models include variable magnification, up to 8x depending on the model, and feature both 2x magnification and progressive magnification for a truly optimal and personalized field of view. The content is stored internally and can easily be transferred to PC via wired or wireless connection.
A heat sink, located on the body of the device, effectively prevents heat accumulation of the sensor and other components. The high-power IPS10 batteries, as well as the CR123A and AA battery packs, are also available and provide a perfect power solution.

High magnification (4.1x to 16.4x)
Detection fields at 1800 meters
Photo resolution (px): 640 x 480
Wide range of operating temperatures (-25 ... +50 ° C)
Optimization of the image according to the location and the observation conditions
Large number of auxiliary functions
External power available
Effective energy management
User-friendly graphical interface
Palette of 8 colors
Built-in Wifi module
Integrated video / sound recorder
Refresh Rate (Hz): 50
Resolution (pixels): 384 x 288
Screen type: AMOLED
Screen resolution (px): 640 x 480
Pixel: 17
Internal memory (Gb): 8
Video format: .avi
Photo Format: .jpg
Lens diameter (mm): 50
Field of view, horizontal x vertical: 7.5 x 5.6
Dioptric adjustment: ± 5
Distance in focus (m): 5-7
Battery type: B-Pack (Li-ion)
Autonomy (h): 8
Operating temperature: -25 ° C / + 50 ° C
Waterproof: yes (IPX7)
Dimensions (mm): 235 x 55 x 58

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