JENNY 1200 - Portable / Standby / Fuel Current Generator

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JENNY 1200 - Portable Power Generator
Provides electricity reliably
Load capacity per day of 1200 Wh
No detectable sound level at 20 meters
Automated for several days of missions
High energy density
Weight and considerable space savings
Works with pure methanol, with convenient and secure cartridges

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Powering the modern intervention forces with electricity requires a portable and reliable power supply. Interventions can last from several days to several weeks. To reliably supply the technical equipment of soldiers throughout the duration of the intervention, it is necessary to carry a considerable weight of batteries. The JENNY 1200 fuel cell is able to recharge the batteries silently and fully automatically or to power electrical devices directly in the field of intervention. Combined with the Power Manager 3G, it allows you to power multiple devices simultaneously and efficiently.

The advantages of this system are a significant reduction in the number of batteries carried by the soldier, with a weight reduction of more than 75% for a mission of 96 hours, a sound and heat signature virtually undetectable and a functioning
requiring almost no maintenance. The JENNY 1200 portable fuel cell has a NATO Stock Number. It is adopted by international defense organizations.

The JENNY 1200 battery delivers reliable, fully automated power for multi-day missions.
Combined with the Power Manager 3G, it also allows you to charge several types of batteries and power military devices.
Its high energy density allows considerable weight savings and space savings.
Works regardless of weather conditions
Hardening tested to meet military requirements, used by international defense organizations
Operates in pure methanol, with convenient and secure cartridges, authorized in air transport under UN 3473.

Daily payload: 1200 Wh
Rated power: 50 W 1
Output voltage: 10 - 30 VDC
Operating temperature: - 20 ° C ... + 49 ° C 1
Operating altitude up to: 4,000 m1
Noise level: not detectable at 20 m
Dimensions: 214.5 x 96 x 264 mm
Weight: 3.3 Kg

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