EMILY 3000 - Portable power supply / fuel cell / for electrical devices

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Emily 3000 - Portable power supply M10 or M28 fuel cartridges. No recognizable signature. Quiet and autonomous. Operating temperature from -25 ° C to +50 ° C. Many devices can be powered simultaneously Military hardening & électromagnétic compatibility.

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Embedded devices such as sensors or communication and alarm systems require continuous power. In order for the batteries to remain charged, it is usually necessary to start the engine. This will create noise and emissions, considerable fuel consumption and could result in loss of camouflage. Until now, it was necessary to run the engine or use a noisy generator to power sensors, radio systems, surveillance or defense. This greatly increases the risk of being discovered and leads to premature detection most of the time.
The EMILY fuel cell quietly and undetectably recharges the vehicle's battery. It ensures the operation of appliances, including motor off. The camouflage is thus preserved.

EMILY 3000 can charge modern Lithium-ion or Lithium Polymer batteries as well as all common lead acid batteries. EMILY 3000 is characterized by its almost signature-free, noise-free and emission-free operation, making it the ideal product for modern intervention forces. Disconnected from the vehicle and connected to the SFC Power Manager 3G, it also serves as a field battery charger.

Almost noise-free operation compared to conventional gensets
No need to turn on the engine to charge the batteries
Many devices can be powered simultaneously
Significant reduction in maintenance and operating costs by maintaining the battery charge level and reducing engine running hours
Fully automated reloading without any loss
Energy supply provided during interventions
Easy and fast integration
Usable as a battery charger or as a mobile field charger
The EMILY 3000 battery and fuel cartridges have a NATO Stock number
Fuel Cartridges are Authorized Air Transport Goods in Accordance with UN 3473
EMILY 3000 can also be used as power supply outside the vehicle.

Model: Emily 3000
Daily load capacity: 3000 Wh
Rated power: 125 W (at start + 10% / after 3000 h -10%)
Rated voltage: 12 V / 24 V / 9.5 V - 16.5 V DC
Rated current @ 12 V / 24: V * 10 A (limited) / 5.2 A
Operating time with a fuel cartridge of 10 l * ~ 88 hours for 3000 Wh / day
Operating temperature: -25 ° C to +50 ° C
Military hardening & electromagnetic compatibility
Dimensions: 476 x 206 x 286 mm
Weight: 12,5 kg

M10 fuel cartridges
Volume: 10l
Nominal capacity: 11.1 kWh
Dimensions: 230 x 193 x 318 mm 370 x 285 x 403 mm
Weight: 8.4kg

M28 fuel cartridges
Volume: 28l
Rated capacity: 31.1 kWh
Dimensions: 370 x 285 x 403 mm
Weight: 23,4kg

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