Power Manager 3G - Portable power distributor / Universal charger / Freestanding / for batteries

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Power Manager 3G - Universal Battery Charger. Portable power splitter on different devices. Extended autonomy during interventions. Plug & Play solution Military Qualification & Electromagnetic. Compatibility - MIL-STD and VG standards.

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Power Manager 3G is a portable and intelligent power splitter Charger allowing maximum flexibility and autonomy in intervention. Today, modern units take with them a multitude of electrical devices. All of these devices have different power supplies or chargers for their power supply.
The Power Manager 3G allows units to use all the energy sources available in the field, such as hybrid batteries, solar modules, vehicle electricity and of course fuel cells to recharge batteries or power the batteries. devices.
Thanks to intelligent cable coding, the Power Manager 3G automatically adjusts its output voltage to connected devices. Thus, power losses are greatly minimized and current distribution, vital for field operation, is more efficient. The transport of separate chargers is thus superfluous and additional storage space can be cleared.
3G power managers of different generations are already in use by the US Air Force, the German Bundeswehr and a host of other defense organizations.

Portable and intelligent power distributor.
Versatile and practical battery charger.
Extended autonomy during interventions.
Weight and space reduced.
Portable: In the power network, the 3G Power Manager can simultaneously charge multiple batteries.
In a vehicle: The 3G Power Manager can intelligently distribute vehicle energy across multiple devices.
With stationary systems: Combined with the EMILYCube 2500 fuel cell, the Power Manager 3G can, for example, provide power supply to a ground radar.
Scalable thanks to the different fuel cells, which can be a source of energy for the 3G Power Manager.
New devices can be added later using a specifically coded cable.

Model: 3G Power Manager
Display: LCD text
Connections: 2 inputs / outputs of (500 W); 2 battery charging ports; bidirectional (65 W); 2 battery and appliance outputs (65 W)
Voltage range: 8 - 33 V DC
Maximum allowable current: 5 A / 12 A / 15 A (short term)
Power range: max 500 W
Cable ID: ID chip
Protective devices against: Overvoltage; Overload; Short circuit; Inverted polarized; Overheated; IP65 sealing
Operating temperature: -32 ° C to +55 ° C
Military Qualification & Electromagnetic Compatibility: MIL-STD and VG Standards
Dimensions: 162 x 95 x 36 mm
Weight: 520g

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