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Visiopole, video inspection tool on telescopic pole system, underwater 10m depth.

Motorized head, high picture quality 720p/1080p, wired or wireless, control and recording on a rugged touch screen tablet.
Hi-Power white leds, thermal video head as option.

More details

ALLWAN-SECURITY has designed the first pole inspection system rugged for industry, with a Full HD video quality in 1080p.

The VISIOPOLE is a modular pole camera system, customizable with industrial construction method to operate in harsh environments.

Our telescopic poles in carbon from 270cm to 1000cm (depend of models), allow to inspect plants, tanks and all areas difficult of access, offering a NDC (Non destructif control).

In its wireless version, you have 2 batteries with 4h of work each.

The pan tilt control is done by a joystick system and 2 buttons for the LEDS.

Our camera heads (except thermal) are fully IP68 waterproof up to 10m underwater. They can be controlled at 360° endless for PAN, and +/-110° for TILT.

With a 1080p video sensor, with high luminosity sensibility, the video is perfect in all conditions, even in darkness thanks to the 1200 lumens white leds, allowing a lightning distance of max 8-10m.

In sur-exposition case, the camera intelligence automatically corrects the video to get a clear and focused image.

The VISIOPOLE is delivered in a rugged case, waterproof especially designed for industrial work and frequent handling.

A compact tool, easly and quickly deployed, offering an exceptional video quality.



A modular video inspection system

Several configurations are available:

  • Wireless system, with a tablet, delivered in a rugged carrying case and pole length as your choice.
  • Wired system, with a tablet, delivered in a rugged carrying case and pole length as your choice.
  • Camera head sold separately on request
  • Solutions with customizable lenses and focus set on your need.


Customizable at will

Our R&D department in Electronic and CAD can modify and adapt our equipment  on your requirements (on costs)

  • Special lenses
  • IR 840/950nm filters
  • Auto-focus
  • Side lightning
  • laser pointer
  • Thermal video head with temperature measurment.
  • Customizable poles systems
  • Special solutions for special use, nuclear, more underwater depth etc.



A wide range of pole as standard in carbon and on special request is available:

  • 78 cm to 215 cm
  • 120 cm to 470 cm
  • 120 cm to 700 cm
  • Other lengths on request, to 1000cm
  • Isolated 66KV

camera-inspection-Perche-telescopique VISIOPOLE

Perche telescopique video pan tilt securite defence

telescopic pole camera security defence Pan Tilt 360

Color head with white leds




Telescopic Pole Camera now with FLIR Thermal Imaging

Thermal head - FLIR 160 x 120 Ø 50 mm



tactical search pole camera 360° endless thermal day night vision

Xgrip-Clamp Quick set for smartphone



Pole Cameras for Tactical and SWAT - Core pole camera

BQVISIO manual tiltable to 90°




Battery system with built-in wireless Tx





Visiohand Handle PTZ Joystick (option)
Light control and pan-tilt
Quick mouting set



visioscreen Moniteur 5" HD 720p avec clamp de fixation


Visiohand 720p control monitor with clamp (needed with the VisioHand, option) :


Military type Carrying case

Designed and manufactured in France by ALLWAN SECURITY

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