UD173110 - Underdoor camera

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Under door camera with a space of 6.5 mm. Angle offset of 30 ° for total observation of the workpiece. Mount boom (C), allows integration of CCTV cameras (Watec type). Infrared light to see in a very low light. Observation is done on a portable monitor or a mini DVR. Optional: ultra-sensitive microphone for listening to the room.

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Get a secret visual inspection of the rooms behind closed doors with the under door camera UD173110.
Visualize by reducing the risk of situation in tactical, secret and special operations. This system optimizes performance and resolution.
The door under the door allows the operator to see in rooms without distortion and see in the dark without night vision equipment. Operators can rotate their shifted field of view to 30 ° and 50 ° to view entire room from the ground. The optional 3-way adapter allows the line of sight can be changed from 45 ° to 90 °, up to 45 ° to the right, giving an unobstructed view of the trap. If the light is too weak for observation you have an infrared light [IR]. The transmitter can complement the ambient light and allow video image visibility; and the compatible audio model has a microphone sensitivity that brings additional intelligence.

Insert probe:
Diameter: 0.225 "(5.72mm)
Lengths 18, 28 cm: (7 ", 11")
Line of sight forward: (0 °)
Field of vision: 50 °
Focusing depth: 1/2 "to
Power: AC 110 or 220V
Batteries: 12 Volt NiMH, 4.5 AmpHr with external charging system
NTSC resolution - 640 x 480, 30 fps,
PAL - 768 x 576, 25 frames per second
Flash memory card: 2 GB SD
File formats:
Still images: JPEG, high quality
Video clip: MPEG, 25 fps
Quick Time Format: CIF

Kit included
Reach under the door
Protective case
Front oblique visualization card
6 'carbon fiber pole and break block
Monitor and wiring
Low Light Monochrome Camera
Battery charger
Optional audio microphone and headset
DVR (optional)

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