Visiopole: Motorized telescopic Pan Tilt pole camera HD 1080p, Tactical pole camera

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Motorized telescopic Pan & Tilt pole camera for inspection and security
Motorization 360 ° horizontally endless and -110 ° ~ + 110 ° vertically
White or  invisible 940 nm infrared lighting
OFDM video transmission
Battery life 4 hours
Waterproof IP68
Rugged Polecam

Customization possible

More details

Camera Pan Tilt
360 ° horizontal motorization without stop
Vertical motorization -110 ° ~ + 110 °
White or 850 nm infrared lighting
Lighting distance 8 meters
Vision distance 20cm to infinity
OFDM video transmission
Battery life >4 hours
Reception on Smartphone or Android or iOS tablet
Anodized aluminum
IP68 sealing 2 bar
Diameter 45 °
Weight 450g

Receiver :

Rugged Wireless and cable receiver
Wireless OFDM encypterd AES
Keyboard Pan Tilt
7 inch touch LCD HD 1080p 
Battery life > 4 hours

Length 78 cm folded 215 cm deployed


PELI transport case

HPX resin waterproof case
Ultra shock resistant
Vortex decompression valve

Visiopole 2000 / 4000 Perche télescopique
Length 78 cm folded 2.15 m deployed
Length 103 cm folded 470 cm deployed
Customisable for another length

Option: insulated telescopic pole 66KV Conform CEI 61235

camera-inspection-Perche-telescopique VISIOPOLE

Ø 50mm

Perche d'inspection video camera poignee de controle pan tilt

Quick clamping version by clamp:

Perche telescopique video pan tilt securite defence

Visiopole_RTX  Receiver Tablet with PTZ and light commands

Color sensor 2 Mégapixels TVI  white Highlight Ø 50 mm IP68

telescopic pole camera security defence Pan Tilt 360Perche video motorisée pan tilt telescopique HD 1080p Ø 50mm

 Monochrome sensor  2 Mégapixels TVI ilmluminator IR940nm invisible  Ø 50 mm IP68

Visiopole sensor monochrome day night HD 1080p Pan Tilt inspection IP68Perche video motorisée pan tilt telescopique HD 1080p Ø 50mm

Thermal sensor / thermographic FLIR 160 x 120 Ø 50 mm

Telescopic Pole Camera now with FLIR Thermal ImagingPerche video motorisée pan tilt telescopique HD 1080p Ø 50mm


Tactical strap PTZ search pole camera

Xgrip-Clamp quick fixing for smartphone

tactical search pole camera 360° endless thermal day night vision

BQVISIO crutches 90° to get as close as possible to the windows and avoid reflections :

Pole Cameras for Tactical and SWAT - Core pole camera

Cable 10~40 meter

Visiopole inspection pan tilt camera defense & security

Battery & transmitter :


Visiohand PTZ Joystick:
Lighting control and Pan Tilt rotation
Perche inspection video telescopique tactique Ø50mm HD 1080p Pan Tilt Sans fil Wireless

Quick fixing and adjustment on telescopic pole with clamp


Handle PTZ control:

Search camera known as a swat camera, pole cam & police video camera

Visiohand 720p monitor control :

visioscreen Moniteur 5" HD 720p avec clamp de fixation

NANUK995V Transport case:
Peli case with waterproof HPX resin shell
Ultra shock resistant

Customisation is possible

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