HMD-800-MOD Portable Display Unit

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HMD-800-MOD is the modernized ultra-portable display unit that transmits real-time video signal from any primary optical-electronic device.

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HMD-800-MOD helps you observe the surroundings without exposing yourself. It can also be used with a remote control so a user can have control over the system from distance. In addition, with HMD-800 two crew members can see through the same device at the same time.

HMD-800-MOD is designed and built to fully comply to MIL-STD-810 Standard.


Portable and Lightweight
800x600 Colour AMOLED Display
Single Knob Operation
Battery life: up to 10 hours
7-Year Warranty
Fully MIL-SPEC Compliant
Made in Canada. ITAR-free
Why Choose HMD-800-MOD?

Convenient: Scan the area without having to be next to the primary device
Versatile: Hand-held and also easily mounts on head gears and helmet mounts
Perfect tool for covert operations
Primary device can be used by two crew members simultaneously
Proprietary GSCI design allows to position the display horizontally at any time during an operation

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