MVP-240 Multi-Voltage Battery Pack

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The MVP-240 is the only battery pack on the market capable of supplying three different voltages to provide reliable and uninterrupted power to a wide variety of electronic and electro-optical systems. It is a universal powering tool for lengthy missions in remote locations where battery charging equipment is not accessible.

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The MVP-240 is particularly useful with helmet-mountable NVGs. Instead of carrying “dead weight” in a form of a standard counterweight at the back of a helmet, the MVP-240 serves a dual purpose by supplying power to the NVG while being a counterweight at the same time.

The MVP-240 can be mounted on a firearm’s Picatinny rail to substantially increase operation time of a night vision, thermal, or fusion rifle scope without obstructing access to main controls of a firearm. The excellent weight distribution of this battery pack makes operation of a firearm just as comfortable as if the MVP-240 was not attached at all.

For the user’s convenience and freedom of choice, the MVP-240 does not have or use any proprietary or built-in batteries. It accepts all standard AA batteries widely available anywhere in the world: Alkaline, Ni-MH / Rechargeable, Lithium, and so on.

Maximum operation times are given for GSCI-made devices when the MVP-240 is equipped with 8pcs brand new lithium batteries:
1 - Dual-Tube Night Vision Goggles PVS-31C-MOD
2 - Thermal Imaging Device TI-GEAR Series
3 - Fusion Device QUADRO-S

Maximum operation times on other systems may vary.

*Actual weight of the MVP-240 with batteries varies depending on a battery type being used.*

Comes with: Picatinny rail, Power-Out Cable, 4 pcs. of “Quick Swap” Battery Cartridges, Soft Carrying Pouch.

-Adds up to 240 Hours to NVG Operation Time
-Tri-Port Design: Supplies 3VDC, 6VDC, and 12VDC
-Weighs and Feels as Standard NVG Counterweight
-Accepts 8 Standard AA Batteries of Any Kind
-Fits Firearms’ Rails and Helmets
-Compact Dual-Chamber Enclosure
-Convenient Power Selector
-Comes with Slide-and-Lock Picatinny Rail
-In-Built MIL-STD-1913 Mount w/Quick Release Lever
-Powers Night Vision / Thermal / Fusion and Other Electronic / Electro-Optical Systems

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