PVS7 Night Vision Binoculars

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PVS-7 is the legendary binocular night vision double tube. Built-in infrared illuminator. Submersible up to 1 meter. Extremely lightweight and brings increased comfort to the user. Waterproof IP67. Image intensifier tubes, without limitation in the FOM. Variations optional with generations 2 and 3 for even more performance.

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PVS-7 is the standard mask for land forces during night operations. Using the latest-generation and next-generation image intensifier tubes, the PVS-7 works in the darkest nights. Hazard Light Infrared Integrated Sensor for Light and Current Sensor. The PVS-7 is fully compliant with MIL-SPEC standards which has been reinforced and waterproofed for harsh environments.

Designed to be mounted on the head (helmet), the PVS-7 is extremely lightweight and comfortable. . The unit uses 2 standard AA batteries that will provide 40 hours of continuous operation. Optional 3x, 4x and 5x magnifying lenses are available to increase the range of the face shield during long observations.

Mil-Spec - Single-based system - MIL-SPEC: submersible up to 1 m, resistant to heat, altitude, altitude, cold and heat shock.
The system also accepts 3X and 5X afocal loupes.

High Performance - With the FSC, the GSCI-PVS-7 outperforms all other night vision goggles on the market.

The PVS-7 system has been designed to meet the strict requirements of MIL-SPEC and has proven to be robust, design and ergonomic. It is also available with XR5 I2 intensifier tubes.
The XR5 ™ image intensifier signals more details at night and offers extended range capabilities.
Image quality in all circumstances, not only at dusk, but also at dynamic lighting, such as military operations in urban areas becoming more frequet.

Model: PVS-7
Magnification: 1X
Goal: 26 mm
Field of vision: 40 degrees
Inter pupillary adjustment 55-71 mm
Focus range: (ft.) 1 - infinity
Diopter adjustment: +2 / -6
IP67 waterproof
Built-in IR Illuminator: Yes
Battery type: AA Lithium (1.5V)
Number of batteries: 2
Battery life [Standard]: 40h +
Weight: 528g
Dimensions: 158x150x85 mm
Operating temperature: -40 - +50 ° C

Accessories included:
Binoculars with selected IIT, Braces, Protection Shields - Sacrificial Window, Armored Rubber Eyecups, Carrying Case, Standard PVS-7 Headgear with Eyebrow Pads.

Optional accessories:
Fixation for "Flip Up" type helmet
Headset type "Flip Up"
Afocal lenses with magnification 3X, 5X

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