TM50-640 Monoculaire Fusion AGM

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The AGM Fuzion LRF Handheld Thermal & Optical Bi-spectrum Monocular is equipped with 640x512 12μm high-sensitivity thermal detector, ultra-low light optical detector, 1024×768 OLED display and eyepiece with a large field of view. The device can quickly detect hiding objects even under extreme environments such as smoke, fog, rain, snow, etc. It can be widely applied to scenarios including patrol, search and rescue, drug interdiction, and suspect apprehension. Due to its waterproof capability the device performs well even in severe weather conditions and challenging environments.

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The Fuzion LRF’s user-friendly interface, comfortable and ergonomic operating controls makes adoption and application incredibly simple. The monocular offers three different variants of image view: thermal, visible light, and fusion that can be easily adapted depending on different environmental conditions. This high-tech monocular is equipped with a laser rangefinder for measurement of target distance. The Fuzion LRF uses one 18650 rechargeable Lithium battery for up to 5-hours of operating time. In addition, an external power supply can be used to provide an increase in operating time.

Bi-spectrum image fusion and object highlight
Detail enhancement and target recognition
Selection of thermal view channel, visible light channel, or both them combined
12 μm, 35 mK NETD high sensitivity thermal detector
Fast 50Hz imaging
1x, 2x, 4x, 8x digital zoom
Digital image processing technology
Ultra-low illumination optical channel
1920×1080 Optical resolution
Eye-safe laser rangefinder
1024×768 resolution, 0.39-inch OLED display
Video recording and snapshot, built-in EMMC (16 GB)
Wi-Fi hotspot
Standby mode
Up to 5 hours continuous running
Limited 3-Year Warranty

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