PXR Generator 120

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Constant potential generator

Pexraytech’s PXR Generator 120 and 160 is designed to be used with both Scanning panels and PXR Flat panel systems. PXR Generator 120 or 160 coupled with PXR Alpha systems enables one of the most accurate image in the portable X-ray security market. Adjustable kV and small focal spot enable inspection of tiniest and most detailed threats.

Key benefits:

•Adjustable kV. This enables dual energy capabilities without any extra accessories.
•Small focal spot. This enables extremely accurate images.
•Built in wireless communications. No need for extra communication hubs.
•PXR Generator 120 is one of the lightest Constant potential generator in the market.
•PXR Generator 160 has an IP 65 rating which is optimal for demanding conditions.

More details

The PXR Generator 120 enables reliable operations when needed. It is designed for quick and easy setup. PXR Generator 120 is one of the lightest Constant Potential generator in the market.

Output range :30 - 120 kV
Weight :5.5kg (12.1lb)
Waveform :

Constant Potenial

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