Visiopole: PAN Tilt camera for telescopic boom HD 1080p

Motorized telescopic Pan & Tilt pole camera for inspection and security
Motorization 360 ° horizontally and -110 ° ~ + 110 ° vertically
White or 850 nm infrared lighting
OFDM video transmission
Battery life 4 hours
Waterproof IP68

More details

Camera Pan Tilt
360 ° horizontal motorization without stop
Vertical motorization -110 ° ~ + 110 °
White or 850 nm infrared lighting
Lighting distance 8 meters
Vision distance 20cm to infinity
OFDM video transmission
Battery life >4 hours
Reception on Smartphone or Android or iOS tablet
Anodized aluminum
IP68 sealing 2 bar
Diameter 45 °
Weight 450g

Receiver :

Rugged Wireless and cable receiver
Wireless OFDM encypterd AES
Keyboard Pan Tilt
7 inch touch LCD HD 1080p 
Battery life > 4 hours

Length 78 cm folded 215 cm deployed


PELI transport case

HPX resin waterproof case
Ultra shock resistant
Vortex decompression valve

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