SCARAB - Earth Drone of Controlled Exploration and Exploration

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SCARAB, designed to collect audio-video data in hard-to-reach or dangerous areas. All terrain vehicle, 4 wheel drive.
Integrated microphone and audio-video transmitter. it is equipped with high resolution video cameras + 1 thermal camera. Video data is transmitted via a digital wireless channel. Power supply with a Li-Po rechargeable battery.

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SCARAB - Controlled Discovery and Exploration System
SCARAB is designed to collect audio-video data in hard to reach or dangerous areas. the
The system transmits the data via RF link to the video surveillance and remote control unit.
The exploration platform is a wheelbase with integrated high-resolution cameras, a thermal camera, microphone and audio-video transmitter.
Video data is transmitted via a digital wireless channel providing high quality and stability.

All-terrain vehicle
4 wheels driving.
High resolution video cameras.
Powerful white and infrared lighting.
Automatic rotation of the image on the control screen when the platform is tilted.
Driving angle up to 30 °.
Switching frequency channels.
Built-in microphone
Power supply: rechargeable Li-Po battery
Provides no less than 120 minutes of continuous operation from the platform.
Fast mode / speed increase up to 5 km / h
Battery level indicator
Dimension wheels: 355x348x155mm
Dimension rail: 330x300x110mm
Weight: 5.5 kg
Operating temperature range -20 ° C to + 40 ° C
Humidity (at + 25 ° C),%

In options:
Interchangeable front panel:
front camera white / IR
Thermal imager
Rotating camera (60 ° / + 60 °) horizontal line
Interchangeable track wheels.
Ability to reduce the height of the platform to inspect under vehicles.
Possibility of climbing stairs (with extended lane).

The SCARAB Kit Set includes a controllable exploration platform and remote control, integrated
with 7 '' screen. The device is stored and transported in the dust and watertight housing.

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