Shield of Hell - Sound Barrier / Anti-Intrusion

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Inferno Shield - Outdoor Sound Barrier
High efficiency security systems
Protection capacity up to 5 meters
Acoustic effect: 125 ± 1 dB (A) @ 1 m
Signal operating time> 20 minutes
24/7 monitoring device.

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Inferno Shield, works as a noise barrier. This device effectively stops intruders in their actions by generating an unbearable noise, frequency and intensity. Patented, it is designed to emit an unbearable sound outdoors up to 5 meters. For greater distances, several units can be combined.

Protection distance outdoors: directional up to 5 meters.
Frequency range: 2 - 5 kHz
Acoustic effect: 125 ± 1 dB (A) @ 1 m
Battery life: 2 years
Power consumption: 12 V DC, <100 mA
Signal operating time: 20 minutes
Standby without charge: up to 2 weeks
Temperature range: 10 - +60 (C)
Speaker weight: 4.5 kg

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