Détecteur IP/POE à balayage laser RLS-2020

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RLS-2020 is a laser scanning IP / POE detector. It offers an area detection up to 30m over 95 ° thus recreating a virtual detection wall. The laser detector has adjustable detection zones. High definition of sensitivity and object size as well as an environmental discrimination circuit included.

More details

The RLS-2020I is a compact indoor laser detector that includes a customizable virtual wall or panel and a 20m x 20m detection area to identify the presence of people or objects. The RLS series uses LiDar technology to protect spaces from intrusion, theft and unauthorized access, as well as to improve the reliability of video-based surveillance and motion detection. The REDSCAN RLS-2020I has been designed to integrate with security systems. It creates a detection area that cannot easily be provided by other detectors or video detection systems, such as virtual walls or ceilings. The RLS 2020I is an ideal detector for protecting skylights in buildings, walls, paintings or shelves containing valuable goods. Its discreet design and customizable color allow it to blend perfectly into an indoor environment. Ideal for commercial, industrial, tertiary and even private applications, the RLS-2020 offers endless possibilities to meet all your needs.

Model: RLS-2020I
Type: IP / POE Laser Detector
Installation: indoor
Detection modes: vertical and horizontal
3 outputs: configurable analog
Function: automatic adjustment

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