Inferno Maxi - IP65 Sound Barrier / Anti-Intrusions / High Surveillance System

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Maxi Inferno - IP65 Anti-Intrusion Sound Barrier. High-efficiency security systems . Protective capacity up to 25m2. Acoustic effect 137 - 1 dB (A) - 1 m. Signal running time - 35 minutes. 24/7 surveillance device.

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Inferno is a revolutionary technology capable of safely denying access to critical areas. Inferno security barriers are used around the world, from embassies to nuclear storage facilities to businesses and distribution centres.

This Sound Barrier can also function as a traditional siren. It effectively stops intruders in their projects by generating an unbearable patented sound, by the frequency and intensity of noise. Sound Barrier mode is obtained in pairs or clusters of units. In Mermaid mode, a single Barrier covers areas up to 70 square meters. Larger areas can be covered with multiple units.

The Sound Barrier Installation disturbs the Intruders for the few minutes between the alarm activation and the arrival of the Police, protecting secure areas for a crucial period and for a continuous duration of the signal. As an acoustic barrier, The Sound Barrier immediately changes a person's behavior by a self-contained protective factor, putting their hands on the ears, followed by the leak age of the Zone to be secured. It was after analysing these behaviours that the value of the patented frequency model of the Sound Barrier was reached. It can be applied to destabilize, repel aggressive, malicious control or riot behavior.

Inferno Maxi IP65, settles outdoors, on vehicles or ships etc...
It can be easily connected and integrated into any alarm system.

Directional outdoor protection distance up to 25 meters / 80 feet.
Frequency range: 1 - 1.3 kHz
Acoustic effect 137 - 1 dB (A) - 1 m
Rescue battery: 65 Ah, Pbg
Battery life: 3 years
Electrical consumption: 12 V CC, 100 mA Signal operating time - 35 minutes
Temperature range -10 - '60 (C), 14 -
IP class: IP65
Speaker Sizes: L, L, P - 500 mm
Weight: 8 kg

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