WAT-910HX-RC Watec analog ULL remote control camera

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Watec WAT-910HX cameras are often used in the context of astronomy, image recording, observation, etc. These cameras may, because of their sensitivities, allow video capture in the dark or in very low light conditions.

More details

Camera type: Astro video camera
Sensor type: CCD chip
Megapixels: 0.4
Sensitivity to light: 0.000005 lx
Automatic control of "AGC" image amplification
Shutter speed: EI 1/50 1/100 000 to 256 fields)
Signal-to-noise ratio: 52 dB
Max exposure time: 1/6 min
Exposure time: 0.04 min
Serving temperature: -10 to 50
Power supply: 12v
Power consumption: 115mA
Interface: Video output
Connection (to the telescope) C-Mount
Video function: yes
Video Resolution: 752x582 Pixels
Video format: Composite Video
camera: black / white
Cooling: yes
DC + 12V power supply ± 10%
Dimensions: 45.5 X 34 X 34 mm
Weight: 83g

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