Night Binoculars PVS-7 Binocular GEN3

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PVS-7 is the legendary binocular night vision double tube. Equipped with a 27mm lens, f / 1.2 with a 40 ° field of view, the PVS-7 system has been designed to meet the strict requirements of military. It has been proven in combat thanks to its robust design and ergonomic.

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This twin has been the military reference for more than 40 years.
Its design followed the evolutions of the intensifier tubes. It is proposed today with a Generation 3.
The PVS-7 system has been designed to meet the strict requirements of MIL-SPEC and has proven to be robust, design and ergonomic. It is also available with XR5 I2 intensifier tubes.
The XR5 ™ image intensifier reveals more details of the night and offers capabilities of the extended range.
Autogating improves image quality in all circumstances, not only at dusk, but also dynamic lighting, such as military operations in urban areas increasingly frequent.

Range: Discovery
Manufacturer: GSCI
Objective Lens: 27mm, f / 1.2
Optical magnification: 1X
Options: 3X, 5X on 1X lens; 7X, 10X replace the existing 1X lens
Diopter adjustment: -6 .. + 2
Field of vision: 40 °
Infrared projector: Yes built-in
Win control button: no
Power supply: 40 hours: 2 X AA
Autonomy with 2 AA: 40 hours
Environmental protection:> IP67
Operating temperature: -40 ° C ~ + 50 ° C
Dimensions: 158X150X85 mm
Weight: 528
Warranty: 7 years

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