EOC Solaris 3x Gen 2+ Night Vision Monocular

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EOC Solaris 3x Gen 2 + monocular night vision. Compact and sturdy design.
Mounting the head or helmet for hands-free use. Automatic brightness control.
Light cut. Suitable for use with cameras.
Integrated infrared illuminator and flood lens.

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REE IR-Illuminator (for WP version only).
The Solaris 3x is a night vision monocular that combines compact, rugged design with high performance and impressive cost. It is equipped with an automatic light-cut system that will protect the bed from the light sources. The Integrated IR illuminator allows you to choose between the IR spot and the flood beam. This device is extremely user friendly and easy to operate, so it could be useful both for newcomers and professionals and it can be just as effective during wildlife viewing, hunting, or safety Professional. In addition, it is adaptable for use with cameras, so it would be possible to use it for night photography.

General: Gen 2 + GP (green phosphorus, 50-55 LP/mm) Gen 2 + WP (white phosphorus, 50-55 LP/mm)
GP version: NSMSOLAR32GII1
Sensitivity: 550-650 micro-amperes/Lumen (ΜA/LM)
Light Gain: 25000-30000 times
Magnification: 3x
LENS system: F/1.65; 80 mm
Field of view: 12.6 °c
Focus Range: 5m to infinity
Diopter Adjustment:-5 to + 5 DPT
Automatic Brightness control: Yes
Light Cut: Yes
Infrared Illuminator: Yes (integrated with pivot flood lens)
Low Battery Indicator: Yes
Battery life: up to 60 hours
Water and fog resistant
Operating temperature:-40 ° C to + 50 ° C (-40 ° F to + 122 ° F)
Storage temperature:-50 °c to + 70 °c (-58 °f to + 158 °f)
Dimensions: 212 x 56 x 84 mm/8.3 x 2.2 x 3.3 in
Weight: 0.67 kg (1.5 lb)
Warranty: 2 years and over

Accessories included:
Instructions for use with warranty card,
Soft carrying case
Lithium battery
AA battery adapter, lens tissue.

Available accessories: Visit us at

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