SOROKA-15E Professional Audio Recorder

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SOROKA-15E is a high quality audio recorder. Integrated clock and calendar.
Rechargeable battery provides up to 83 hours of battery life. Recording is activated with a button, a voice activation system (VAS / VOX) or timers. Automatic and manual gain control (AGC) to perfectly record very loud sounds and amplify quiet sounds.

More details

The SOROKA-15E voice recorder is designed to record Mono audio from the built-in MEMS digital microphone to the Class 4 or higher micro SD or micro SDHC memory card.
Soroka-15E is an improved version of the Soroka-09 model. Its thickness is only 5 mm and its overall dimensions (33.3 x 26 x 5.3 mm) are comparable to those of an adapter for SD card.
SOROKA-15E use up to 32GB of removable memory card (FAT32 file system). But there are programs to format memory cards in FAT32 format, regardless of their size. In this case, the volume is unlimited.

Height: 33.3 mm
Width: 26 mm
Thickness: 5.3 mm
Weight: 8 g
Metal case
Battery life in recording mode up to 83 h
Rechargeable battery supply
Built-in microphone sensitivity up to 9 m
Capacity of 32 GB Compact Flash Card
USB 2.0 interface
8-bit, 16-bit, 20-bit Audiocodec
Audio recording mode: Mono
Recording format: WAV
Compression Method: Uncompressed, uLaw
Frequency band: 3 Hz - 13.536 kHz
Dynamic range: 60 dB
Sampling rate: 8, 16, 24, 32
Sound amplification: yes
Button control
Operating indication: Leds
Voice activation system: yes
Scheduled recording: yes
Charge time of the battery; up to 5 hours

In Options:
A special program is used to operate the recorder, which allows it to:
• configure the recording and set the desired report quality / duration of the recording
• connect and configure the optional functions and options of the recorder (alarm clock, VAS, etc.)

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