Edic-mini Pro B42 Audio Recorder OLED Display

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Edic-mini Pro B42- Audio recorder with OLED indicator providing high contrast ratio and wide viewing angle. 3 control buttons for changing the recorder settings. Built-in high speed USB 2.0 interface. The ability to read recordings using mono earphones.The software goes directly with the device. Memory capacity: 300h, 1200h.

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the Edic-mini Pro B42. This model is distinguished by its special design, as well as its OLED display and control buttons on the recorder housing. This makes the control process very simple and informative! The option to read the recordings of the device itself using mono earphones (included in the package) is preserved.
The new original shape model is produced in a metal case available in five colors. The unit is powered by a standard battery or AAA rechargeable battery. The high-contrast OLED display and the control buttons on the camera body greatly simplify the recorder settings and make menu navigation easy.
The recordings can be read from the device itself and from an earphone included in the package.

Memory capacity: 300h, 1200h
Battery life in recording mode: 108h
Life of the battery in VAS mode (acoustic signal below the threshold): 240h
Battery life in standby mode: 12 months
Built-in flash memory: 2 GB, 8 GB
Interface: USB 2.0
Audio recording mode: Mono
Frequency band: 100 - 6000 Hz
Dynamic range: -72 dB
Sampling rate: 4, 8, 16
Voice activation system: yes
Scheduled recording: yes
Metal case
Size: 94 mm
Width: 13 mm
Thickness: 13 mm
Weight: 16 g

Accessories included:
Headphones, USB cable to connect the device to the computer, 2 AAA batteries, instruction manual.

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