Edic-mini Plus A32 - Voice Recording 8 Recording Profiles

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Edic-mini Plus A32 - High quality continuous audio recording without signal compression up to 9 meters.
A maximum of 30 hours of continuous operation or 300 hours of recording in 8kHz mode, in law.2 GB of built-in memory. Recording is enabled with Switch. system (VAS). Linear and circular recording modes.
The system of numerical landmarks. Rechargeable battery.

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Edic-mini Plus A32 - Audio recording: 16-bit audio codec (DAC) to significantly improve the quality of recording. A new sound digitization algorithm has reduced digital noise.
Its integrated Knowles microphone allows professional audio recording in different acoustic environments up to 9 meters.
8 built-in recording profiles allow you to configure the recorder according to your needs and 3 control buttonsfacilitate fast and comfortable switching between profiles.
Low power consumption and large rechargeable LiPol battery (130 mAh) offering 30 hours of continuous recording.
A32 supports the digital marker system: inaudible markers are added to the recording to allow it to identify the time and date of recording, as well as the type and serial number of the recorder. and attempts to modify it.
The application of the USB 1.1 adapter allows you to download recordings directly to the PC.
Recordings are saved in WAV format with 4 compression modes available: uncompressed, U-law, ADPCM 4-bit, ADPCM 2-bit.

Memory capacity: 300h
Battery life in recording mode: up to 30 hours
Li-pol rechargeable battery
Battery life in VAS mode (acoustic signal below threshold) up to 120 hours
Battery life in standby mode: up to 5 months
Built-in microphone sensitivity: up to 9 meters
Built-in flash memory: 2 GB
Interface: USB 1.1
Audio codec: 16 bits
Audio recording mode: Monkey
Recording format: WAV
Compression method without compression, uLaw
Frequency band: 70-6000 Hz
Dynamic range -70 dB
Sampling rate 4, 8, 16
Sound amplification: No
Button controls
LED operation indication
Voice Activation System: Yes
Scheduled recording: Yes
Current: 130 mA / h
Battery charging time: 3 hours
Plastic case
Height: 54 mm
Width: 24 mm
Thickness: 11 mm
The weight: 12g

Accessories included:
USB-SPI cable, instructions.

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