SOROKA 16E - Professional Miniature Audio Recorder

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SOROKA-16E, audio recorder for professional use. Allows clear recording up to 9 meters. Sound detection, continuous and timer. Timestamped recordings. Auto gain manual and automatic control (AGC). Adjustable trigger sensitivity and resolution. Stores over 1300 hours of conversations.
Very long autonomy.

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SOROKA-16E, audio recorder, professional uses.
External microphone of high sensitivity. Reach up to 9 meters.
Remote microphone for concealing the recorder. Possibility to use the recorder without the remote microphone because the recorder has an internal microphone.
Low power, longer life than 1200 hours in continuous mode.
Gain Manual and Automatic Control (AGC), allows you to record very loud sounds and amplify the weakestones.Audio codec, 8, 16 and 20 bits.
High quality audio recording without compression of the signal. Stores over 1300 hours of conversations.
Ability to increase gain and reduce noise when replaying recordings with EDIC-SUITE software (free to download), compatible only with Windows.
3 recording modes: manual, sound detection (VOX / VAS) and calendar (date / time preset) preset).
LED indication of the operation of the recorder.
Digital Signature Allows you to determine the authenticity of the recording.
File encryption.

Autonomy: 800 hours continuously 1100 hours in detection mode and 1000 days in standby
Timer: yes
Audio resolution: 8, 16, 24, 32 khz
Compression: without or uLaw
Format: WAV
Auto Gain Control: yes
Dimensions: 80 X 40 X 8.5 mm
Battery: rechargeable lithium
Battery Capacity: up to 1122 hours
Timestamp: yes
Memory: 32GB micro SD card max (16GB included)
material: metal
2 years warranty.

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