Sony FCB-ER8530 camera block - 4K color / 20x zoom

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FCB-ER8530 - 4K Color Camera Block, capture crisp, clear 4K images Up to 30 frames per second, fast and bright lens, 20x optical zoom, image Stabilizer Advanced 2D / 3D noise reduction. Clear vision around the clock day / night. Defogging, improved visibility, automatic removal of the IR filter, wide range of features.

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The FCB-ER8530 offers 4K resolution at 30fps with an integrated 20x optical zoom lens. The form factor is almost identical to that of the FCB-EV7520, providing a convenient solution for migrating to 4K without necessarily having to reconfigure your final solution.
The FCB-ER8530 inherits a host of features from Sony's globally recognized FCB series, including the VISCA recommendation protocol, ICR auto, and image stabilization. These market-leading features are suitable for a variety of demanding applications.

Exmor R CMOS image sensor type 1 / 2.5 high performance provides superb 4K image quality (QFHD). Using the latest Sony sensor technology, the FCB-ER8530 can produce high quality images even in a wide variety of lighting conditions.

The high-quality lens offers a maximum light aperture F2.0 and a 20x optical zoom range. The fast zoom (from the wide point to the TV) is ideal for smooth and fast transitions from coverage of large areas to detailed close-ups, ensuring that essential details are not forgotten.

The built-in image stabilization feature on the camera helps combat the effects of fuzzy and shaky images caused by low-frequency vibrations. It is useful for outdoor surveillance and traffic monitoring applications in which the camera can be subjected to wind or mechanical vibrations such as on a bridge or mounting pole.

Advanced noise reduction technology filters image noise for sharper results, especially in low light conditions. Noise reduction can be selected from six steps to suit a wide range of operating environments.

Enjoy enhanced image quality in changing lighting conditions, which is a common challenge for 24-hour operations. In high-sensitivity mode, the camera can work effectively in lighting levels as low as 0.21 lx (50%, ICR off, slow shutter 1/4 s, high sensitivity off) and 0.06 lx (50%, ICR off, slow shutter 1/4 s, high sensitivity enabled).

The high-quality lens offers maximum aperture Image quality is dynamically and adaptively enhanced pixel-by-pixel while continuously adapting to the scene in the given dynamic range. There is also a defog function that allows sharper vision in foggy or foggy scenes.

In low light conditions, the camera automatically switches from day mode to night mode, removing the infrared filter to increase sensitivity for clear images in near-darkness.

Versatile operation is provided by a wide range of functions and settings, including: white balance modes; Image Effects (E-Flip, Black & White, Mirror Image, Color Enhancement, Gamma); Masking the privacy zone; Image freeze; Shutter priority Priority to iris (26 steps) Slow response, etc.

Sensor: CMOS Exmor R type 1 / 2.5
Resolution: 8.51 MP
Video format: 4K, 1080p, 720p, 480p
Optical zoom (lens): 20 x
Digital zoom: 12 x
Super Resolution Zoom: 30 x
Dimensions: 50 x 60 x 93mm
Video Output: HDMI 1.4b
FOV: 70.2 ° C
External synchronization
Noise reduction

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