FCB-EV7520 - Color Camera Block Full HD 30x - High Sensitivity

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FCB-EV7520 is a color camera module
Full HD CMOS Image Sensor (1080 / 60p). 30x optical zoom (fast and bright)
StableZoom ™ image and optical stabilizer. 2D / 3D noise reduction
Defog function. Automatic removal of the IR filter. Connecting to a cable for easier integration.

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Utilizing the latest Sony CMOS sensor technology, the new camera blocks from the EV series can reach unprecedented levels of sensitivity.

The FCB-EV7520 inherits a multitude of features from the globally recognized FCB series:
VISCA Order Protocol
Advanced noise reduction
Automatic RCI
Spherical masking of the privacy zone and improved visibility.
These market-leading features are suitable for a variety of demanding applications.

Capture sharp images Full HD (1080 / 60p)
Exmor R CMOS image sensor type 1 / 2.8 high performance provides superb picture quality Full HD (1920 x 1080). Using the latest Sony sensor technology, the FCB-EV7520 can produce useful images even in the most challenging lighting conditions.

Fast, bright lens with 30x optical zoom
The high-quality lens offers a maximum F1.6 aperture and a 30x optical zoom range. Fast zoom (wide point to TV) is ideal for smooth and fast transitions from extended coverage to detailed close-ups in security and surveillance applications.

Get a more stable image with Image Stabilizer
The built-in image stabilization feature on the camera helps combat the effects of fuzzy and shaky images caused by low-frequency vibrations. It is useful for outdoor surveillance and traffic monitoring applications in which the camera can be subjected to wind or mechanical vibrations such as on a bridge or mounting pole.

StableZoom ™
Image stabilization and optical / digital zoom are combined to improve image quality while maintaining the original horizontal viewing angle, without compromising on image size and reducing blur.

2D / 3D noise reduction
Advanced noise reduction technology filters image noise for sharper results, especially in low light conditions. Noise reduction can be selected from five levels to suit a wide range of operating environments.

See more clearly with Visibility Enhancer and De-Fog
Image quality is dynamically and adaptively enhanced pixel by pixel while continuously adapting to the scene in the given dynamic range. There is also a defog function that allows sharper vision in foggy or foggy scènes.

Benefit from optimized image quality in changing lighting conditions - a common challenge in day and night security operations. In high sensitivity mode, the camera can work effectively in lighting
levels as low as 0.35 lx (ICR enabled). * 5

Automatic ICR (automatic removal of the IR filter)
In low light conditions, the camera automatically switches from day mode to night mode, removing the infrared cut-off filter to increase sensitivity for clear images in near-darkness.

Spherical masking of privacy
Vision areas can be selectively hidden to maintain privacy. Hidden areas are automatically linked to camera panning, tilting, and zooming.

Connecting to a cable for easier integration
A single cable carries HD video signals, as well as VISCA communication and power. Integration flexibility is also supported by the 30-pin micro-coaxial interfaces (digital output) and 24-pin FFCs (analog output).

Security monitoring
Smart traffic
Remote monitoring
Video conference

Model FCB-EV7520
Exmor R CMOS Image Sensor
Type 1 / 2.8 high performance
Full HD 1080 / 60p image
F1.6 maximum light aperture
30x fast optical zoom
StableZoom ™ Image Stabilizer
2D / 3D noise reduction
Clear vision around the clock with day / night
Automatic ICR (automatic removal of the IR filter)
Spherical masking of privacy
Connection cable
Weight: 255g
Dimensions: 50 x 60 x 89.7 mm

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