Vega Smart Speed ​​3D multi-tracking radar

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Vega Smart Speed ​​3D multi-tracking radar. Advanced system for detecting speed violations. New tool to fight speeders! Continuous monitoring up to two lanes. Maximum distance of 7.5 meters. Features a lightweight camera and capturing 75 frames per second.
Detects and controls vehicles at a maximum speed of 250 km / h.

More details

New Speed ​​Camera System Vega Smart Speed ​​offers the easiest system to install and use on the market for speed monitoring. The system, which is no longer a simple ANPR camera, but a real vehicle identification system. The Vega Smart Speed ​​system works with a 3D multi-tracking radar that continuously monitors up to two lanes of traffic at a maximum of 7.5 meters and identifies the speed and position of objects on the monitored area at a speed of maximum of 250 km / h. If a vehicle does not comply with the speed limit, the built-in radar triggers the connected camera and a picture of the vehicle and the license plate is taken.

All relevant information, including date and time, plate number and country, as well as actual speed, is then analyzed and can even be supplemented with a monochrome license plate image and a monochrome contextual image. or in color of the vehicle. Subsequently, automatic recognition of the integrated license plate does not require any tedious post-processing and all evidence of speed violation can be addressed directly to the authorities in real time or stored on board.

In addition, the Smart Speed ​​system can not only provide image and plate recognition to the offender, but also to all transit vehicles. This capability is essential to give road and tax authorities the added benefit of tax and insurance control, as well as traffic monitoring and vehicle tracking, for example, for the enforcement of crime. The collected data can also be used for traffic analysis to optimize traffic flow. Optional system features include built-in brand and vehicle color recognition and optical classification. In addition, an HD streaming video line provides continuous monitoring of the scene.

The Smart Speed ​​system can be combined with the Vega Smart TL2L red light control system, especially for urban applications. A secure and professional application that greatly facilitates the installation and maintenance of new ANPR cameras, as it allows any authorized user to connect remotely to the camera device.

Traffic monitoring

Software features and performance
Track detected: 2
Maximum speed of the vehicle: 250 Km
Working distance: up to 25 meters
Detection: 99%
Reading> 95%
OCR ANPR engine on board
2nd OCR lever: optional
Grabbing: 75 frames per second
Classification: optional
Vehicle color: optional
Vehicle brand: optional
Vehicle model: optional
AES256: Yes
SHA2: Yes
Compression: JPG
Streaming video streaming via standard RTSP protocol

Web Server Installation and Configuration by Embedded Web Server
TCP / IP Server Configuration and Monitoring via TCP / IP Protocol (SDK Provided)
Date and time synchronization via NTP protocol, IEEE1588, GPS
Software update via web interface and SDK

Data transmission
FTP FTP Client in FTP server mode for remote data transmission; Multiple addressable IP servers
TCP / IP Tattile Open protocol TCP / IP; (SDK provided)
RS isolated serial port

Operating mode
Free Run Continuous processing with automatic vehicle detection, even without a plate
Capturing and processing images triggered by an Ethernet command or a digital signal

Technical characteristics
Real time detection of infringements with OCR on board
Integrated multiple tracking radar
No postprocessing requested
Detection of vehicles violating average speed or point speed limitations
Ability to recognize each plate (not just offenders), very useful for security reasons
All transit plates are registered and available for:
Speed ​​control (spot / medium)
Tax and insurance control
Vehicle tracking
Traffic monitoring
ANPR 5 MPX BW camera
5 MPx Color (color version)
MegaPixel CMOS Color CMOS Contextual Camera
Lighting 12 high-power LEDs, infrared at 850 nm
C mount lenses Many focal lengths available
Operating System Linux Operating System
Digital I / O 6 opto-isolated inputs - 4 relay outputs - 1 strobe output
Circular Connector Connectors: Waterproof
Protection: IP waterproof IP68
GigaBit Ethernet: Ethernet 10/100/1000
Storage: USB up to 128 GB; HD / SSD up to 1 TB
GPS: optional
LTE: optional
WiFi: Yes

Environment, Size, Power
Operating and storage temperature: -40 ° to + 55 ° C
Operating and storage humidity: 10% to 90% non-condensing
Power supply: 24 Vdc
Power consumption: 50 W (max)

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