DUO-HDMI Vidéo 4K IP multi-usages Module d'encodage

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The ATOMAS-DUO-HDMI Encoding Platform is a feature-rich IP camera video coding solution for a wide range of single or multi-camera designs. Compact, DUO-HDMI adapts to integration into two-camera systems with a primary 4K zoom block and a secondary video source (digital or analog) such as a thermal camera.

More details

DUO-HDMI Designed for 4K
Supports H.265 video coding (HEVC) up to 4K 30 frames / second to convert any 4K HDMI source into a fully integrated IP solution.

VISCA Protocol
Fully compatible with SONY's VISCA protocol, allowing direct connection / control of almost any SONY zoom block.

Stack of software
Fully functional integrated software stack including Onvif Profile T and a multitude of customizable features.

Advanced features
Features such as WiFi, integrated PoE and local recording allow integration into a variety of custom camera solutions.

Direct connection to 4K HDMI Zoom Blocks (Sony)
Supports video input / secondary camera
H.265 video compression (HEVC), H.264 and MJPEG
Max 4K to 30FPS (3840x2160) + Max 1080p to 30FPS
Full Zoom block control (VISCA, etc.)
Profile Onvif T
Power supply range from 7VDC to 17VDC
Optional integrated PoE support
Wi-Fi support (optional).

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