UW-90DIP 4K zoom underwater camera

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Exceptional image quality

Certified 50m depth underwater, the UW-90DIP 4K offers precise, crisp images with exceptional color fidelity.

Industrialized equipment, designed for professional production, inspection, marine, submarine, industrial and nuclear applications *.

* Material not hardened against radiation - Lead glass on request.


4K is 9 times more detail than 720p, and 4 times more than Full-HD (1080p):



The very fine image is ideal to be able to detect small elements, defects or characters even after having recorded the video.

The level of detail offers the possibility of digitally zooming in the image.

Example of application: Remote reading the numbers of uranium bars (here at 6m, diameter 10mm, digital zoom in the screenshot):


Lecture sources combustible cobalt uranium enrichit numeros



A customizable wired underwater camera

ALLWAN-SECURITY, manufacturer of industrial, marine and underwater video solutions, offers the possibility of personalizing your product.

Filters, brackets, body material, integrated illuminator. Everything is possible according to your specifications, starting from a single unit.

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