Objectif HF16XA-5M 2/3 "16mm F1.6

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HF16XA-5M 2/3 "16mm F1.6
4D "High Resolution Objective. C-mount with manual diaphragm, 5 Megapixels. 16mm focal length. Working distance * 1 -100mm. Compact size, low distortion. Anti-vibration and shock protection.

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The HA-XA-5M series is intended for inspections and measurements carried out on production lines.
The new high resolution lenses are compatible with a 2/3 inch sensor with a pixel pitch of 3.45 µm * (equivalent to 5 megapixels).

The HF-XA-5M series includes “4D High Resolution” **, which attenuates the degradation of the resolution even when you change a working distance or an aperture value. The compact lens design allows installation under various conditions on production lines. The series is available in six models of different focal lengths, allowing users to choose the optimal model according to their use.

Model: HF16XA-5M
Focal length: 16mm
Iris range (F. no) F1.6-F16
Viewing angle (2/3 ") 31.4 ° × 23.7 °
Working distance * 1 -100mm
Manual focus
Manual Iris
Filter net: M25.5 x 0.5mm
C mount
Sensor size (standard) * 2 2/3 "(3.45μm)
Sensor size (max.) * 3 1 / 1.2 "(4.5μm)
Television distortion: -0.60%
Dimension: Φ29.5 × 46.0mm
Weight: 71g

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