Fujinon CF50HA-11 "50mm F1.8 zoom camera lens / high resolution / CCD camera / industrial vision

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CF50HA-1 1 "50 mm F1.8 for vision cameras. High performance industrial vision lens. 50mm focal length, working distance ∞ - 400mm. C mount with manual diaphragm, 1.5 megapixels. Anti-vibration and shockproof protection.

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CF50HA-1 is a high resolution design of up to 1.5 mégapixels.

The wide aperture design (F1.8) allows clear images to be obtained in low light intensity, despite the large focal length. Low distortion design for precise image input. Robust housing resistant to vibrations and shocks. Equipped with lock buttons for iris and focus.

Model: CF50HA-1
Focal length 50mm
Iris range (F. no) F1.8-F22
View angle 14.1 ° x 10.6 ° (1 ")
Working distance ∞ - 400mm
Manual focus
Manual Iris
Filter net: M49 x 0.75mm
C mount
Sensor size (max.) 1 "
Television distortion: 0.20%
Dimension: Φ51 × 55.5mm
Weight: 235g

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