Objectif TF4DA-8 1/3 "4mm F2.2 pour caméras 3CCD

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TF4DA-8 1/3 "4mm F2.2. Lens exclusively intended for 3CCD cameras. Optimization of image quality. Low distortion for an image of precision, focal length 4mm. Working distance ∞ - 100mm. C mount, Iris at manual control ideal for advanced monitoring applications.

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The 3-CCD / CMOS cameras are equipped with three image sensors, one for blue, red and green, three colors separated by a prism. A block of glass thicker than that used in a single CCD / CMOS camera is placed between the lens and the sensor. When the same objectives as those of simple CCD / CMOS cameras are used for 3 CCD / CMOS cameras, the performance of the camera may not be fully achieved due to the optical effect of color separation in the camera. This is why special lenses are needed for 3-CCD / CMOS cameras.

The TF4DA-8 lens has been designed to optimize the image quality of 3CCD / CMOS cameras.
Low distortion allows precise image input. Compact, light and robust, it supports various systems.
High color performance for 3CCD cameras, ideal for advanced surveillance applications.

Model: TF4DA-8
Focal length 4mm
Iris range (F. no) F2.2-F16 Close
Viewing angle 64.5 ° x 49.0 ° (1/3 ")
Working distance ∞ - 100mm
Manual focus
Manual Iris
Filter net M27 x 0.5mm
C mount
Sensor size (max.) 1/3 "
Television distortion -3.77%
Dimension: Φ29 × 46.5mm
Weight: 70g

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