Fujinon HF1218-12M 2/3 "12mm F1.8 Lens

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HF1218-12M 2/3 "12mm F1.8
"4D High Resolution Objectives. Focal length: 12mm. Working distance x 1 - 100mm. C-mount with manual diaphragm, 12 megapixels. Anti-vibration and Shock protection.

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The HF-12M is a series of high quality lenses that produce extreme sharpness with a pixel pitch of 2.7 µm (equivalent to 8 MP) throughout the frame area. The HF1218-12M objectives maintain a high level of sharpness in the center and at the edges, while limiting the degradation of the resolution which generally occurs when you change the working distance or the aperture value. This allows consistent high resolution images to be delivered, even under varying installation and shooting conditions on the manufacturing front. This feature called “4D * 4 High Resolution” is a unique feature of the HF-12M series. Thanks to the smallest and lightest body in the world, measuring only 33 mm in outside diameter for the five models, the lenses can easily adapt to an installation environment subject to space constraints.

Model: HF1218-12M
Focal length: 12mm
Iris range (F. no) F1.8-F22
View angle 39.3 ° × 30.0 ° (2/3 ")
Working distance * 1 - 100mm
Manual focus
Manual Iris
Filter net: M30.5 x 0.5mm
Frame: C
Sensor size (standard) * 2 2/3 "
Sensor size (max.) * 3 1 / 1.2 "
Television distortion: 0.18%
Dimension: φ33 × 52.5mm
Weight: 85g

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