DF006 Tamron high resolution wide angle object Manual zoom / focus 1/3 "2.4-6mm F / 1.2 DC-Iris

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This Vari-Focal lens offers a horizontal viewing angle of 116.5 degrees to an ultra-wide 2.4mm, industry leader in its class. It allows wide-angle surveillance, with a range of 2.4 mm to 6.0 mm. Maximum luminous aperture of F / 1.2, the lens is suitable for a wide variety of surveillance environments.

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Format Format The Tamron has developed a Vari-Focal ultra-wide angle lens with a focal length between 2.4 and 6.0 mm, suitable for use with mini dome cameras. This lens offers the highest viewing angle in its class in the industry.

Despite its very wide angle coverage, this lens has almost the same length and maximum diameter as the standard DF004 Vari-Focal lens (with a focal length of 2.8 to 10.5 mm). As a lens suitable for 3 inch mini dome cameras with a mounting diameter of 14mm, this lens can be used on cameras that take lenses the same size as the DF004. These two models (the DF004 and the DF006) can cover almost practically all the viewing angles necessary for surveillance by mini dome camera. Through the use of aspherical lens elements, this lens provides high image quality.

Model: DF006
Lens format: 1/3
Frame: 14mm
Focal length: 2.4 to 6 mm
Max aperture: F / 1.2
Zoom ratio: 2.5x
Field of view:
Large: 116.5 ° x 85.4 °
TV: 47.4 ° x 35.5 °
Focus range: 0.3m ~ INF

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