DF005N0 Objectif Tamron monté sur carte haute résolution à correction IR

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DF005 is a variable focal length lens with infrared switching mechanism allowing surveillance with high image precision for mini-dome cameras. Card mounted lens corrected by high resolution infrared 1/3 "2.8-10.5 mm F / 1.2 IR DC-Iris Zoom / manual focus.

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Compared to the angle offered by standard zoom lenses, the large and telephoto limits have been extended. This variable focal length lens covers a range of 2.8 to 10.5mm; when viewed wide, this provides a horizontal field of view of approximately 100 degrees. This unique lens can be used in a wide range of surveillance environments. The large maximum light aperture of F / 1.2 exceeds that of ordinary lenses.

Despite a large maximum aperture and a large focal length, the maximum length and diameter of this compact lens is such that it can be accommodated in a 3 inch mini dome camera, and it has a mounting diameter of 14 mm. The infrared switching mechanism provides 24 hour surveillance. Clear image quality even at night and in near infrared lighting conditions provides true 24 hour surveillance. This lens works at the top of its class as lens to mount on an integrated mini dome camera. A rear rim adjustment mechanism is included.

Model: DF005
Objective format: 1/3
Frame: j14mm
Focal length: 2.8-10.5mm
Max aperture: / 1.2
Zoom ratio: 3.75x
Field of view:
Large - 101.8 ° x 73.7 °
TV - 27.4 ° x 20.6 °
Focus range: 0.3m ~ INF

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