Tamron M13VG850IR 3 megapixel IR Vari-Focal lens

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Vari-focal lens Tamron M13VG850IR Aspherical lens, 1 / 2.7 "imager for CCTV camera, IR corrected for clear images day and night, 8 to 50 MM focal length, F1 aperture, 6, CS mount, DC Auto Iris , 3 megapixels Full HD Provides high quality images.

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Tamron's new infrared-correction Mega-Pixel lens series features a focal range of 2.8 to 50mm in just two lenses that cover a horizontal angle view of 101.1 ° to 5.6 ° at using a 1/3 "camera. With Tamron's Dual Vari-Focal lens solution, you can monitor extremely wide and TV scenes in megapixel resolution during the day and night without compromising on resolution A new optical design uses aspherical lenses in glass molds and a special optical coating which guarantees a high resolution of 3 MP even under infrared The addition of a P-Iris model to this series allows an even more precise adjustment of the iris for optimal depth of field and exposure to light Tamron Double Vari-Focal solution The simple choice for better security imaging.

Model: M13VG850IR
Focal length: 8-50 mm
Iris range: F / 1.6-360
Iris control: DC Auto Iris
Manual focus: with lock
Manual zoom: with lock
Lens mount: CS
View angle 1/3 "Wide 33.5 ° x 25.1 °; tele 5.6 ° x 4.2 °
Viewing angle 1/4 "Wide 25.1 ° x 18.8 °; tele 4.2 ° x 3.2 °
Focus range: 0.3 m - ∞ (wide) µ
Rear focus (in air): 8.08mm
Operating voltage: Open 4.0V; Close: 0.5 V
Driving current: 95mA: per phase
Operating temperature: -20 ° ~ + 60 ° C
Weight: 106g

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