LQZ3X3510V - Lentille infrarouge à longue longueur d'onde

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LQZ3X3510V - Safety equipment / monitoring. Performance LWIR Infrared lens. Focal length 35-105 mm. Fast aperture F / 1.0 with integrated VC lens (vibration compensation, optical image stabilization system). Automatic adjustment of the focal length. Motorized zoom and focus. Screw mount bracket (M34, P0.5 °).

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Long wavelength infrared lenses (LWIR lenses) with viewing lenses compatible with visible and near infrared light. Recently, the demand for LWIR objectives is increasing and is used for monitoring, such as critical infrastructure, borders, coastlines, etc. To meet these diverse needs, LWIR lenses have been developed with unique features such as Vibration Compensation (VC), Fast Aperture and Compact Size.

Spectral wavelength 8-14μm
Diameter Image≥ ¢ 14.5mm
3x zoom ratio
F Iris F / 1.0
Focal distance 35-105mm
FOV (H) LARGE: 12.36 ° / TELE: 4.10 °
Internal focusing system
3x zoom ratio
MOD (minimum distance from object) LARGE: 2,0 m / TELE: 5,0 m
Focal length at the back of the flange 10.17mm (Rear edge of the barrel in the image plane).
Object distance (detection) WIDTH: 740m / TELE: 2232m
Focal distance back (in the air) LARGE: 33.04mm / TELE: 30.84mm
Barrel Diameter (max): ¢ 120mm x 161mm
Weight: 1725g
Optical Image Stabilization: Yes
Motorized optical zoom
Focus control: Motorized
Active athermalisation: Yes
Threaded mount, M34xP0.5
Current source: For logic panel + 3.3V; For engine + 5.0V
Energy consumption ≤1.0A
Operating temperature (performance) -10 ° C to + 50 ° C (without condensation)
Withstands water and dust IP67
Operating temperature (function) -20 ° C to + 60 ° C (without condensation)
AR coating

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