Tamron M13VG288IR Mega Pixel Aspherical IR

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The Tamron M13VG288IR 1/3 "2.8-8mm F / 1.2 Aspherical Mega Pixel IR CCTV Vari-Focal lens. Large format autofocal lens with high performance CS mount. It offers exceptional megapixel quality from day to day. overnight while maintaining a compact size.

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A variable focal length lens is designed to meet the most difficult jobs to give the installer the flexibility to adjust between different focal lengths using a single lens. When the situation does not appear for an altered focal lens or you are unsure of a good focal length required for installation, using a variable focal length lens is the perfect choice. The advantages of using a zoom lens include: maximizing the surveillance effects from any desire, the angle of view can be obtained; eliminating the need for multiple focal lengths for one installation task; and easily satisfy customers after installation if field conditions change since the system can be quickly adjusted by simply changing the focal length of the lens. Tamron offers you a new megapixel line-up compatible with vari-focal points designed to derive 100 output Percentage of surveillance cameras equipped with megapixel counting image sensors

Model: M13VG2888IR
Imager size: 1/3 (applicable for 1 / 2.7, 1 / 2.8)
Mounting type: CS
Focal length: 2.8 - 8 mm
Opening range: 1.2 - 360
View angle (horizontal x vertical):
1/3 wide 100.1 ° x 72.9 °; TV: 35.8 ° x 26.8 °
1/4 Large 72.9 ° x 53.9 °; Tele 26.8 ° x 20.1 °
Focus range: 0.3 m - ∞
Manual focus: with lock
Manual zoom: with lock
Iris: Iris Auto DC
Rear focus (in the air): Wide: 8.339; Tele: 14.944mm
Light: visible wavelength (near infrared)
Voltage: open 4.0 V; Close 0.7 V
Operating temperature -20 ° C - + 60 ° C
Weight: 70g

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