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LVZ3X5016N - Long wavelength infrared lenses. Allows you to capture images with a wider range of telephoto lenses, 3x optical zoom, focal length 50-150 mm, Iris F / 1.6. Motorized focus control. Focal distance 50-150mm, LWIR applications. Light and compact construction, excellent optical performance.

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Long wavelength infrared lenses (LWIR lenses) with monitoring lenses compatible with visible light and near infrared. Recently, the demand for LWIR targets is increasing and is used for surveillance, such as critical infrastructure, borders, coastlines, etc. To meet these diverse needs, LWIR lenses have been developed with unique features such as vibration compensation (VC), fast aperture and compact size.

The LVZ3X5016N has been designed in a compact chassis which eliminates the development costs of peripheral equipment.
The lenses are offered in two types (three models in total): one type for a focal range from 35 to 105 mm and another for a diameter from 50 to 150 mm. Selecting the right lens for the application scenes ensures cost-effective performance. The 3X optical zoom with exceptional optical performance and a utility acclaimed by the users ensures a totally reliable surveillance system, ideal for their application.

Optical characteristics
Spectral wavelength 8-14μm
Effective image circle diameter ≥ ¢ 14.5mm
Focal length 50-150mm
Iris F F / 1.6 range
3X zoom ratio
Rear focal distance of the flange 9.7 mm ± 0.3 mm (in Si) (rear edge of the barrel relative to the plane of the image)
Internal focusing system
Detector package window (Si) t = 0.66mm;
 MOD (minimum object distance): WIDE: 7.0 m / TELE: 7.0 m
Rear focal length: LARGE: 28.21mm / TELE: 28.02mm
MOD (minimum object distance): WIDE: 7.0 m / TELE: 7.0 m
Max diameter / length: ¢ 114mm x 164mm
Focus control: Motorized
Weight: 1,170g
Active thermalization: yes
Optical image stabilization: N / A
Threaded mount: M34xP0.5
Optical zoom: Motorized
Current source: 9V DC Power consumption ≤0.7A
Communication: asynchronous full duplex series
Operating temperature (performance) -10 ° C to 70 ° C
IP67 water and dust resistant (front lens only)
Operating temperature (Function) -20 ° C to 80 ° C
DLC coating.

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